Author: Eva Hanna

Eva is a Nexym Food writer. She started cooking at only 5 years old, knowing immediately that culinary school was her path. She is passionate about French cuisine and studied at the prestigious Cordon Bleu in Paris. She runs her own cafe and eatery with her husband.

Introduction Apple pie is such a classic American dessert, and for a good reason. The combination of fresh apples with the sharp flavor of cinnamon and the tartness of lemon juice creates a perfect balance that will tantalize your taste buds. Apple pie history Homemade apple pie is so popular in the United States; it’s often served as a dessert on Thanksgiving. Apple pie has been around for centuries and may have originated from apple tarts that Romans ate at Roman banquets as early as 100 A.D. In fact, apple pies are considered to be America’s national dish! This article…

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