Author: Hugo Norton

Hugo is a Nexym Life writer and international traveler. He's traveled to over 50 countries and speaks 4 languages fluently. He is passionate about seeing the world and viewing it from different cultural contexts. On his off-time, he likes to kick back and watch nature documentaries.

The countdown to Christmas is soon to be in full swing, and although we anxiously wait for the fridge to be filled to the brim with pigs in blankets in preparation for the big day, we’re already thinking of other ways to get the party started early. Even though things are entirely different this year, we’re still committed to having a good time, and one pastime has yet to disappoint us: a tried-and-true quiz. So, after spending two lockdowns yelling out your general knowledge via Skype and Zoom calls, we figure it’s only fitting to continue this tradition… but in…

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